Imperial Art in the Age of Trajan


The book Arta imperială a epocii lui Traian (Imperial Art in the Age of Trajan) signed by Mihai Gramatopol appeared at Meridiane Publishing House, Bucureşti, in 1984.

In a chronicle from January 1985 (Center and Periphery), the art historian Grigore Arbore, after a review of the content, stated the following: “In other words, the center of imperial art was its periphery at the same time” and added that “I hope I am not making a mistake in propounding that the translation into an international language of this micro-synthesis about imperial art in Trajan’s time, would mark an essential moment in the progress of Roman art research”.

It was not possible to translate the book at that time.

Only now, after Mihai Gramatopol has left us, after I have edited and published many of his works (see p. 458), have I endeavoured and succeeded to get this book translated.

I shall try to send into the world the Imperial Art in the Age of Trajan, enabling it to be known and implicitly to enrich bibliographically the domain of Roman art.

Viorica Gramatopol