Imperial Art in the Age of Trajan


Mihai Gramatopol was born at Sibiu, on February 14th, 1937 and left us on March 31st, 1998. He was buried in the ‘Sfânta Treime’ Churchyard, of Şcheii Braşovului. Mihai Gramatopol was the son of Panait Gramatopol and Ioana (Maican by birth). He spent his highschool years in Bucureşti studying at ‘Gheorghe Lazăr’ and
‘Mihai Viteazul’ Highschools (and passing his Baccalaureate in 1954). He was a graduate of the Faculty of Philology, Department of Classical Languages at Bucureşti University (1959) and was granted a history PhD for the dissertation Gems and Cameos in the Collection of the Numismatics Cabinet of the Romanian Academy Library (1977).
Mihai Gramatopol worked as Chief of Department at the Museum of Archaeology in Constanţa (1961-1962); was a researcher at the Numismatics Cabinet of the Romanian Academy Library (1963-1968); and a scientific researcher at the ‘George Oprescu’ Institute of Art History of the Romanian Academy (1968-1975). From 1975 he was employed by the National Cultural Heritage Directorate which was dissolved in 1977.
Running out of work and being barred from occupying any other positions for thirteen years, he continued research on his own, living on his royalties for the works published. He was reinstated through the Decision of the Romanian Academy, issued in accordance with the Decree No 35/1990, and was employed at the ‘George Oprescu’ Institute of Art History starting from August 1st, 1990.
He was a humanist, historiographer, essayist, art historian, aesthetician and translator. He reached the rank of Professor Doctor Docent and became a member of the Romanian Writers’ Union in 1980. He researched nearly all the aspects of Greek and Roman culture and history: numismatics, epigraphy, glyptics, glassware, jewelry, coins, toreutics, bronze and terracotta statuettes, ivory-work (miniature arts), history of ancient art, and philosophy.
In May 1976, he married Viorica (Nedelcovici by birth), born on April 16th, 1938 in Braşov. She graduated from the Philology Faculty, at the University of Bucureşti (1961). She was a teacher, documentarian at the Headquarters of Publishing Houses (1964) and an editor with the Romanian Encyclopaedic Publishing House starting from 1969. She is the daughter of Dragomir Nedelcovici, the director of ‘Cartea Românească’ Bookstore from Braşov (1931-1952), and of Elena (Lupan by birth), teacher at the Kindergarten of the ‘Sfânta Treime’ Church at Şcheii Braşovului.